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Paisley Inn

Main Street
Paisley  Ontario
N0G 2N0

  Mr. J. Burke Maidlow
History:     The Paisley Inn is located in Paisley Ontario near Southhampton and Walkerton, not too far from Lake Huron. It hasn’t been occupied for about nine years. It is the second oldest building in the village, and an integral part of the village square. The first building on the site, a tavern, was built in 1852-53. Several other renovations and additions were made by 1903, including a major one in 1890.

In 1999, the building was sold to Mr. J. Burke Maidlow. At that time Paisley was in an economic rut, with the downsizing of the Bruce Nuclear plant.

By 2006, the village began to expand again. The owners applied for a building permit to develop the property once more. They were denied their permit, and the Chief Building Inspector began proceedings to have the building demolished.
Details:     After more than three-and-a-half years of court battles between Arran-Elderslie's former Chief Building Official and Inn owner Burke Maidlow, a Superior Court Justice ruled last November that a demolition permit was invalid. Arran-Elderslie had been seeking permission to use the demolition permit to remove the Inn because it was thought to be unsafe and dangerous.

The fight continues as of April 2010, with a decision pending that could see this building being demolished.