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Heritage Day: ACO visits Queens Park

Catherine Nasmith and Minister of Environment, Glen Murray

February 18, 2016

I haven’t felt this good about the future of heritage since 2005 when we changed the Ontario Heritage Act. 

Yesterday’s Heritage Day at Queen’s Park simply could not have been better.

In groups of threes, thirty or so delegates met with 25 MPP’s, all in one day, including meetings with the Premier’s staff, Minister Coteau, Minister of Environment Glen Murray, as well as the Culture critics for the opposition parties. We went into those meetings with a strong and clearly organized “ask", terrific supporting material and wonderful training from our communications coaches Diana Crosbie and Peter Feniak. I was so proud to show off Acorn, an all volunteer publication. We were welcomed to Queen’s Park during Question Period. We came away with many MPP’s much better informed about our challenges and our successes. We have a commitment from Minister Coteau’s office to convene follow-up meetings with members of other ministries to try to fix some of the problems we identified. Glen Murray interested in drafting a bill to keep buildings out of the garbage and new construction built to endure. We came away with lots of homework and followup meetings to organize and attend. How great is that.

For anyone who was a bit nervous about participating, consider signing on next year. It really helps to make our case when we can include consituents. If you weren’t able to attend just print the package and set up a meeting with your MPP at the constuency office. All MPP’s meet on Fridays with consituents, so make sure they know who you are. It was rare to find an MPP who was not really interested in helping save our heritage, often eager to discuss a local challenge. It is encouraging to see just how much support we have across the political spectrum. We will definitely be going back next year.
- Catherine Nasmith, President

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