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Key note Address, Ontario Heritage Conference 2016

David Prosser, Literary and Editorial Director at the Stratford Festival Theatre

David Prosser, Literary and Editorial Director, Stratford Festival

May 16, 2016

Some Quotes, there are many more...

"Today, the engine that drives Stratford’s economy is neither steam nor diesel: it is cultural, with the Stratford Festival at its heart. But not just the Festival. One cultural asset begets another. The Festival has helped to create conditions that have made possible other ventures, both creative and commercial."

"Culturally rich communities with lively arts scenes are desirable places in which to live and work. They attract creative, imaginative people: the kinds of people who, in turn, add value to a community."

"In all these cases, an old building has been given a new lease on life. But I feel as if some kind of benefit has also flowed the other way. I feel that a building itself – its history, its character, the bones of the past that you can still discern under every present-day face-lift – in some ineffable way informs the work that’s done in it."

"Perhaps I’m being fanciful here, but I think it makes a difference to our Education staff to be working in the same creaky-floored rooms where rural Ontario teachers once trained. I think it means something to our craftspeople to be working in the same spaces occupied by those long departed shoe makers."

"There’s a lot of creativity in this town, and while artists generally don’t have much money, they can do a lot with a little. What people are looking for is affordable space in which to create. And those old buildings, even when they’re not in great shape, can fill that need."

"I’d argue that the imperfections of old buildings, like the imperfections of great plays, don’t diminish their value but can actually contribute to it. Because they are the essence of humanity."

"Our art, our culture, the physical and cultural environments we create for ourselves, resonate with us not despite their imperfections but because of them. They are what we are: organic, evolutionary. That’s why we feel at home in them." 

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