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The Cenotaph at Bala.

Theme will be remembrance

May 15, 2017



Theme will be on built heritage and cultural landscapes of commemoration.  

Across Ontario, cemeteries, monuments, markers and installations provide a link to regular individuals as well as famous people from our past. Communities have also commemorated military and civilian sacrifice with memorial sites. These places of remembrance are an irreplaceable part of our province’s cultural heritage. The design and inscriptions on monuments teach us about history, cultural geography, tragedy, selflessness, genealogy, and much more. The fall 2017 ACORN will focus on built heritage and cultural landscapes of commemoration: 

  • Monuments, structures or cultural landscapes reflecting sacrifice and remembrance

  • Cenotaphs

  • Memorials and commemorative sites

  • Significant buildings or structures dedicated to the memory of Ontarians

  • Cultural heritage landscapes such as cemeteries or memorial gardens

  • Special restoration or conservation projects that preserved community memory

 Articles should be either 500 or 1000 words in length accompanied by high-quality photographic images. All submissions should reflect ACO’s mission to “encourage the conservation and reuse of structures, districts and landscapes of architectural, historic and cultural significance to inspire and benefit Ontarians.”

Before commencing work on an article, please send your proposal or query to liz.lundell@rogers.com to avoid duplication and ensure photo guidelines are received. Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2017. Past issues are available on the Resources page at www.arconserv.ca.




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For More Information Contact:
    Liz Lundell